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How Do Tesla Vehicles Work? (EVs Defined)

How Do Tesla Vehicles Work? (EVs Defined)


Tesla was based on the first of July in 2003 by a gaggle of engineers primarily based in San Carlos, California.

They launched their first electrical automobile 5 years later in 2008 – the Roadster.

Since then, they’ve gone on to design the world’s first-ever premium all-electric sedan, the Mannequin S, together with many extra mind-boggling electrical vehicles that each one use the identical cutting-edge battery know-how Tesla has grow to be so well-known for.

Distinctive visible design apart, you could be asking your self…

How precisely do Tesla vehicles work?

Tesla autos, additionally known as Electrical Automobiles (EVs), make use of an electrical motor in lieu of an inner combustion engine. These vehicles are powered by a considerable traction battery pack that provides vitality to the electrical motor. By counting on electrical energy, Tesla vehicles circumvent the manufacturing of exhaust emissions and get rid of the standard liquid gas elements, together with gas traces, gas pumps, and gas tanks.

On this article, we goal to dissect a Tesla automobile and clarify how every part works intimately.


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How Do Tesla Vehicles Work?

How do Tesla cars work?

Induction Motor

The primary induction motor was invented by Nikola Tesla round 100 years in the past. It has two primary elements, the stator and the rotor.

The rotor is just a set of conducting bars short-circuited by finish rings. A 3-phase AC energy output is given to the stator.

The three-phase AC within the coils produces a magnetic area. Tesla motors produce a four-pole magnetic area.

This rotating magnetic area induces a present on the rotor bars to make them flip. In an induction motor, the rotor often lags behind the rotor velocity (RMF velocity)

An induction motor has neither brushes nor a everlasting magnet but stays very highly effective.

The great thing about induction motors is that the rotation velocity relies on the frequency of the AC energy provide.

This implies the velocity at which the wheel turns might be altered by merely various the frequency of the ability provide.

IC motors vs Tesla Induction motors

This truth makes velocity management on a Tesla straightforward and dependable. The truth is, a Tesla motor can vary from 0 to 18,000 RPM.


The battery pack is what provides the induction motor with energy.

Nevertheless, it produces DC energy, which means earlier than the availability can get to the motor, it needs to be transformed from DC to AC energy.

That is the place the inverter comes into play.

Not solely does the invert convert DC to AC, it additionally controls the AC energy frequency, thus controlling the motor velocity.

The inverter may even shift the amplitude of the AC motor, which in flip controls the motor output energy. Basically, the inverter acts because the mind of the electrical automobile.

Battery Pack

This will likely come as a shock to most, however the battery packs encompass huge collections of frequent lithium-ion battery cells, just like these utilized in your on a regular basis life.

All these cells are interconnected in a mix of collection and parallel to supply the required energy to run the electrical automobile.

Glycol coolant is handed by way of metallic internal tubes that intertwine by way of the small gaps between the cells. That is one precept that units Tesla other than different electrical automobile producers.

By utilizing many small cells as an alternative of some massive cells, important cooling is assured. This reduces thermal scorching spots, which produce even temperature distribution among the many many cells – resulting in larger battery pack life.

All these cells are organized in removable modules, resulting in about 16 of those modules, which embody round 7000 cells.

Do Tesla Vehicles Break Down Typically?

Simply how dependable are Tesla vehicles?

Scientific analysis has demonstrated that the Tesla Mannequin S can stay operational even after overlaying a distance of over 400,000 miles (equal to 643,737 km) and reveals rare breakdowns. The rationale behind this excellent sturdiness lies within the electrical automobile’s reliance on fewer mechanical elements. With fewer transferring elements, the likelihood of malfunctioning is considerably diminished.

In terms of fuel-powered vehicles, one of many primary causes of a breakdown is a defective battery.

Now, what a couple of Tesla automobile that depends on hundreds of battery cells in an effort to work?

Properly, Tesla as an organization has not been accumulating knowledge lengthy sufficient to reply this query precisely for all of their autos (particularly the newer Mannequin 3 and Mannequin Y).

Nevertheless, we do have fairly a number of years of information for his or her barely older fashions, just like the Mannequin S and Mannequin X.

Under we have now created two tables breaking down every mannequin’s battery capabilities:

Mannequin S & X Knowledge
Common Degradation Charge Per 100,000 Miles 4%
Miles Earlier than 20% Degradation 500,000
Years Earlier than 20% Degradation 15+
Charging Cycles 1,000

Mannequin 3 & Y Knowledge
Common Degradation Charge Per 100,000 Miles 4%
Miles Earlier than 20% Degradation 400,000
Years Earlier than 20% Degradation 10-15
Charging Cycles 1500

The above knowledge are broad estimates. Clearly, the battery retention capacities will range from driver to driver relying on particular person driving habits, driving temperature, and quick charging frequency.

What Breaks The Most On Tesla Vehicles?

Primarily based on trade knowledge and consumer studies, the most typical issues to interrupt on a Tesla are:

  • Suspension elements

  • Brake pads

That is doubtless attributed to the inherent weight of electrical autos, which tends to be higher than their inner combustion engine counterparts and locations extra important stress on the automobile’s suspension and braking programs.

With that being stated, Tesla continues to refine and enhance the design of its autos, leading to longer-lasting elements and fewer required repairs.

Is A Tesla Automotive Costly To Keep?

Under we have now collected and put collectively knowledge from Tesloop, which has saved a report of its Tesla Mannequin S upkeep bills over a interval of 450,000 miles.

Within the desk, we are going to give attention to the next:

  • RSM – Common scheduled upkeep

  • GVR – Basic automobile repairs

Under is a abstract of the tables:

Value to Keep a Tesla Mannequin S (Over 450,000 miles)

RSM: $12,782
GVR: $14,823
Whole: $27,604
($0,07 per mile)

MSRP Gasoline Prices, 2.5 miles/kw, @ $0.26/kw for 450,000 Miles: $46,800
Absolutely Loaded Prices $46,800 + $27,604 = $74,404
($0,19 per mile)

Tesla Mannequin S Upkeep Value Breakdown

Under one can find the whole breakdown of prices, organized right into a desk:

Common Scheduled Maintanence (RSM) Mileage Fee Sort Value
Tire Alternative 51,000 Buyer Pay $194
Wheel Alignment 74,469 Buyer Pay $200
Tire Alternative 75,135 Buyer Pay $513
Tire Alternative 95,242 Buyer Pay $388
Tire Inspection 101,303 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 111,609 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative 126,419 Buyer Pay $389
Rear Bumper Repairs N/A Buyer Pay $1,000
Tire Inspection 130,404 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 147,329 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative 159,648 Buyer Pay $389
Wheel Alignment 160,000 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 168,014 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 174,787 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 181,418 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 191,123 Goodwill $0
12v Battery Alternative 194,237 Buyer Pay $171
Tire Inspection 210,235 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 218,689 Goodwill $0
Exchange – Entrance/Rear Brake Pads/Rotors 225,351 Buyer Pay $1,759
Tire Alternative 231,546 Buyer Pay $334
Wheel Alignment 231,570 Buyer Pay $0
Changed Headlights 251,252 Buyer Pay $2,800
Tire Inspection 255,345 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 265,408 Goodwill $0
Basic Upkeep 274,610 Buyer Pay $2,176
Tire Inspection 276,984 Goodwill $0
Wheel Alignment 278,732 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative 278,735 Buyer Pay $666
Sprint Panel Replacements 290,263 Goodwill $0
Car Inspection 290,461 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 296,168 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 305,181 Goodwill $0
Key Fob Options Turned On 325,271 Goodwill $0
12V Energy Outlet Alternative 325,271 Goodwill $0
Car Inspection 351,816 Goodwill $0
Tire Inspection 351,816 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative 362,821 Buyer Pay $362
Tire Inspection 375,145 Goodwill $0
Brake Test 377,785 Goodwill $0
Rear Suspension Test 377,785 Goodwill $0
Tire Restore 380,058 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative N/A Buyer Pay $100
Tire Alternative 386,025 Buyer Pay $781
Wheel Alignment 392,403 Goodwill $0
Tire Alternative 430,400 Buyer Pay $560
Whole RSM $12,782

Basic Car Repairs (GVR) Mileage Fee Sort Value
Steering Column Management Module 17,441 Guarantee $0
nav/supercharging/AP prognosis 17,441 Guarantee $0
Entrance Drive Unit 36,404 Guarantee $0
Ahead Going through Digicam – Drive Cycle Calibration 36,404 Guarantee $0
Calibrate Sunroof 36,404 Guarantee $0
Driver Door Deal with Meeting Repair 36,404 Guarantee $0
Excessive Voltage Battery Alternative 194,237 Guarantee $0
Cabin HVAC Fan normal Analysis 215,668 Guarantee $0
Exchange Rear Proper Door Deal with 230,690 Buyer Pay $962
Driver Door Deal with Meeting Repair 235,907 Buyer Pay $962
New Key Fob 274,019 Buyer Pay $123
Entrance Left Door Deal with 278,732 Buyer Pay $221
Exchange Thermal Controller (Air Conditioning) 279,127 Goodwill $0
Exchange AC TXV Valve Evaporator 278,732 Buyer Pay $436
Air Conditioning 290,263 Buyer Pay $1,351
Windshield/Window Restore N/A Buyer Pay $139
Key Fob Alternative 306,072 Buyer Pay $141
Door Handles 310,230 Buyer Pay $749
RR Rocket Panel Re-Connected 310,230 Goodwill $0
Excessive Voltage Battery Alternative 324,044 Guarantee $0
Additonal Key Fob Alternative 325,271 Buyer Pay $124
Windshield/Window Restore N/A Buyer Pay $153
Changed drivers seat base meeting 377,785 Buyer Pay $1,364
Eliminated bumper and secured parking sensors 377,785 Goodwill $0
AC Actuator 396,877 Buyer Pay $318
Rear Stabilizer Bar 406,304 Buyer Pay $161
Fore hyperlink assy, RH 406,304 Buyer Pay $185
FR SUSP AFT hyperlink assy 406,304 Buyer Pay $240
MS RR decrease management arm assy-rwk 406,304 Buyer Pay $319
FR UPR CTRL Arm, RH, Twin motor 406,304 Buyer Pay $260
FR hyperlink assy, LH 406,304 Buyer Pay $185
Rear toe hyperlink, x-axis 406,304 Buyer Pay $72
RR SUSP higher hyperlink assy, X-axis 406,304 Buyer Pay $210
Labor & Miscellaneous 406,304 Buyer Pay $3,500
ASY Liftgate Latch PWR REL 430,398 Buyer Pay $39
Actuator Cinching 430,398 Buyer Pay $64
Cable, Cinch Liftgate 430,398 Buyer Pay $64
Labor & Miscellaneous 430,398 Buyer Pay $280
Left Headlight & Broken Undercarriage Changed 446,997 Buyer Pay $2,202.08
Whole GVR $14,823
Whole RSM $12,782
Whole Value $27,604
Value/Mile $0.07
MSRP Gasoline Prices, 2.5 miles/kw, @ $0.26/kw for 450,000 Miles $46,800.00
Disclaimer: This automobile is grandfathered in with free supercharging for all times.
Absolutely Loaded Prices $74,404
FLC/Mile $0.19

The place Can You Purchase Tesla Vehicles?

Teslas are presently offered within the following nations:


North America
United States
Puerto Rico

United Kingdom

Center East
United Arab Emirates

South Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand


How lengthy does it take to cost a Tesla automobile?

The time it takes to cost a Tesla automobile relies on the mannequin of the automobile, the battery’s state of cost, and the kind of charger getting used.

Utilizing a Tesla Supercharger, most Tesla autos can obtain an 80% cost in roughly half-hour. Nevertheless, utilizing a normal house charger, it might take a number of hours to attain a full cost.

Can Tesla vehicles be charged utilizing any electrical automobile (EV) charging station?

Tesla vehicles include a proprietary charging port, however they are often charged at most public EV charging stations utilizing an adapter.

Tesla offers adapters for numerous forms of charging connectors, permitting house owners to make use of non-Tesla charging stations when wanted.

Are Tesla autos outfitted with regenerative braking programs, and the way do they work?

Sure, Tesla autos are outfitted with regenerative braking programs. Regenerative braking permits the automobile to transform kinetic vitality again into saved vitality within the automobile’s battery each time the driving force applies the brakes or lifts off the accelerator.

This course of helps in enhancing the general effectivity of the automobile and extends the driving vary by replenishing the battery.

How does the Autopilot characteristic in Tesla vehicles perform?

Tesla’s Autopilot is a sophisticated driver-assistance system using numerous sensors, cameras, and machine-learning algorithms to allow the automobile to semi-automatically steer, speed up, and brake.

It could navigate by way of visitors, change lanes, and park itself beneath sure circumstances, however it requires energetic supervision from the driving force, who should preserve their fingers on the steering wheel and be able to take management at any time.

Can the battery in a Tesla automobile get replaced, and what’s the approximate price?

Sure, the battery in a Tesla automobile might be changed. Nevertheless, the price of changing a Tesla battery might be fairly excessive, doubtlessly starting from $5,000 to $20,000 or extra, relying on the mannequin and the battery sort.

Nevertheless, it’s vital to notice that Tesla batteries are designed to final for a really very long time, and many homeowners might by no means want to interchange them.

What’s the guarantee interval offered by Tesla for his or her autos, particularly regarding the battery and the powertrain?

Tesla gives totally different guarantee intervals for various automobile elements. The battery and drive unit guarantee for the Tesla Mannequin S and Mannequin X is 8 years, with no restrict on the variety of miles pushed.

For the Mannequin 3 and Mannequin Y Customary Vary Plus and Customary Vary variations, the guarantee can also be 8 years however is restricted to 100,000 miles, and for Lengthy Vary and Efficiency variations, it’s 8 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Different elements sometimes have a restricted guarantee of 4 years or 50,000 miles. Clients are suggested to test the newest guarantee phrases whereas buying.

Last Ideas

The market share of electrical vehicles, together with Tesla’s, has soared from a mere 0.7% to 2.4% of all vehicles offered within the US in 2020, a outstanding enhance over the previous 5 years.

In line with latest research, this determine is predicted to develop to 11% by 2025, with projections indicating that over a 3rd of all autos offered within the US will likely be electrical by 2030.

For these occupied with buying a Tesla, please go to the official Tesla web site to put your order.



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