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New – Lengthy-Kind voices for Amazon Polly

New – Lengthy-Kind voices for Amazon Polly


Voiced by Polly

We’re launching three new voices for Polly. Powered by a brand new long-form engine, the voices are pure and expressive, with acceptable pauses, emphasis, and tone.

New Voices
The brand new long-form voices are excellent for weblog posts, information articles, coaching movies, and advertising content material. The underlying Machine Studying mannequin extracts that means from the textual content, studying about speech segments, prosody (the sample of rhythm and pauses), intonation, and different points of expressive speech, permitting the synthesized audio to specific feelings, particularly in dialogs. The brand new long-form engine makes use of a deep studying text-to-speech (TTS) mannequin skilled to amass a contextual understanding of the textual content that enables it to specific prosody in an acceptable method. This enables the intention of the story to drive the vocal efficiency and create the right emphasis, pauses, and tones of a sensible human voice.

Listed below are the brand new voices:

Identify Locale Gender Language Pattern
Danielle en_US Feminine English (US)
Gregory en_US Male English (US)
Ruth en_US Feminine English (US)

Utilizing the New Voices
You possibly can entry the brand new voices utilizing the AWS Administration Console, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the AWS SDKs. Utilizing the CLI, I begin by itemizing the voices that use the brand new long-form engine:

$ aws --region us-east-1 polly describe-voices --output json 
  | jq -r '.Voices[] | choose(.SupportedEngines | index("long-form")) | .Identify'

I can decide one, or I can strive all of them:

for v in `aws polly describe-voices --output json 
          | jq -r '.Voices[] | choose(.SupportedEngines | index("long-form")) | .Identify'`; do
    Textual content="Hey my title is $v and I can learn weblog posts, articles, 
and different long-form content material for you. I'm one of the best!"
    aws polly synthesize-speech --output-format 'mp3' 
    --text "$Textual content" --voice-id $v $v.mp3 --engine long-form; 
    aws s3 cp $v.mp3 s3://jbarr-voices; 

My shell script had a small quoting bug, however the ensuing audio was too humorous to not embody!

Programmatically, you’ll be able to reproduce my instance by writing code that calls the DescribeVoices and SynthesizeSpeech capabilities.

Issues to Know
Listed below are some attention-grabbing issues that you need to know in regards to the new voices:

Pricing – Lengthy-form voices are priced at $100 per million characters or Speech Marks requests. Try the Amazon Polly Pricing web page to study extra.

Engines & Voices – A number of the voices that I listed above can be utilized with a couple of engine. For instance, the Danielle voice can be utilized with the brand new long-form engine and the prevailing neural engine.

Areas – The brand new engine and voices can be found within the US East (N. Virginia) Area.

Try the brand new voices, construct one thing superior, and let me know what you assume!




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